HERAX Digital helps our clients within the pharmaceutical, medical device and primary care areas benefit from digitalization. The focus is on interactions with patients and investigators, digitalization of clinical trials e.g. recruitment, project approach for app development, and incorporation of digitalization into the client’s clinical strategy. The key benefits are closer interaction with consumers and investigators, more efficient recruitment and retention of patients, a structured process for app development and an increase in quality of data from consumers.

Patient Recruitment
Clinical Trial Websites (CTW)
Digitalized Interaction
App Development
Patient Recruitment

80% of trials fail to meet enrollment timelines. The main reason for missed clinical trial deadlines is patient recruitment, taking up to 30% of the clinical timelines. A major reason why subjects do not participate in clinical trials is a lack of information together with ineffective sites, high eligibility criteria and fear of trial risks e.g. side effects. Creating a successful recruitment solution requires joined skills from both Clinical Operations and Marketing, which is challenging in larger organizations. Reducing dropouts and lost to follow-up counters the recruitment work and better engagement of patients is needed. Better recruitment and engagement can be achieved through a combined strategy using a multi-channel approach

Improve your enrollment rates and reduce your dropouts. Understand your patients and their needs. Get it right in the balance of facts and feelings.

Clinical Trial Websites (CTW)

Patients registers on a clinical trial website (CTW) for your clinical trial and selects the area they want to participate in. No more expensive bills from recruitment companies.
The CTW service should be incorporated into the existing trial enrollment activities. CTW provides information about your clinical trials. It would be used as a patient recruitment channel providing a new approach for recruiting patients. CTW should be a part of the recruitment strategy and a more patient centered approach where the whole disease journey is in scope and not only treatment.
Sponsor cannot know the identity of subjects, creating the need for a third party to handle the information. Without search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) it can be difficult to be visible and for the subjects to find out that they can participate in a trial. Creating awareness about the website can be done through existing trial radio and TV campaigns which has shown to increase the sign-up rate.

Our current service is used globally.

Digitalized Interaction

We use devices and health apps to track our daily behavior. We search for health advice before a consultation with the doctor. Engaging with consumers/patients through these digital channels is emerging within life science, and crucial for being a part of the ‘digital age’.
Face to face interaction is key for a good relationship with investigators. Digital solutions e.g. a platform can provide easy communication and share of information. More than half of investigators use social media in a professional setting.
Health apps/devices/wearables can be used as an offer for patients, for the interaction between patient and doctor or as a part of self-monitoring and diary in clinical trials.
Clinical trials have shown that an app based approach increases both quality of life and outcome for patients.
When interacting with consumers/patients and investigators regulatory requirements need to be fulfilled. Depending on the intended use of a digital solution the requirements will differ. An app intended for prescription for a chronic disease is different from an app displaying recorded measurements but not providing advice or treatment suggestions.

Interact with patients and establish a relationship where you get insights on their issues and problems to provide better solutions.

App Development

Get the tools to a successful application development process and create apps that matter.

It is not difficult to create an app or a platform but it can be difficult to create one that matters to the patients. The market of health apps and platforms is highly competitive and complex and to succeed it requires a well defined strategy and user involvement from the beginning. As part of defining a strategy it needs to be adressed if the solution should be in an open or closed system each with their own pros and cons. Digitalization is disrupting how we run projects demanding us to adapt to a more agile business process. An alternative approach is also to consider a partnership with already established app providers.

Learn how to succeed in a highly complex and competitive market of health apps. Use the know-how of your consumers through co-creation and create an app which will bring you and your consumers closer.

We help you to define why/if an app is the approach and how it supports your communication and marketing strategy. What is the long term goal with the app, how will it be supported and what is the core functionality provided which cannot be met better by other means.

The highly competitive market can make it difficult to launch a successful app. We provide input to your development plan and share the Do’s and Don’ts, so the launch of the app is a part of the complete solution. This becomes another channel to reach and communicate with your consumers.

Test your idea as soon as possible. Pretotyping is based on the Double-Diamond process model, and is the step before prototyping. It is used for testing if an idea has a potential market e.g. the app is presented as ready to download and its interest is tested by download requests, however the app is not yet available. So if the interest is not there, you have limited the time invested in it.