Increase patient safety and data quality at a reduced cost by adopting a risk-based approach to monitoring utilizing the newest technology.

HERAX has the knowledge and experience to assist in defining and implementing an approach targeted for your company, transforming the organization and supported technology from traditional monitoring to an optimized cost-effective approach.

For most pharma companies, risk-based and centralized monitoring is the capability to minimize on-site source data verification by conducting smarter targeted offsite reviews and centralized monitoring based on customized algorithm continuously adapted to risk detection and assessment.

Key topics to consider when developing a customized model and approach are:

  • How can cutting-edge technology like AI and ML be used to enable predictive analytics?
  • How can key risk indicators be defined to result in targeted actions?
  • How can processes and technology enable risk mitigating actions?

With extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry and key skills within the centralized and risk-based monitoring area, HERAX helps our clients achieve a proactive and adaptive monitoring approach.

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