HERAX Ventures

The purpose of HERAX Ventures is to support start-ups offering solutions to- or within the Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics, Consumer Health and Medical device area.

It can be an idea for a new device to use in treatments or for Clinical Trials, for software to support patients or anything else in the world of HealthTech. Both software, devices, concepts or new ideas at any level able to benefit from the support the HERAX Ventures organization can contact us for help.

The idea is to provide the optimal environment to develop the start-up. Foremost access to development advice, regulatory input, and capital (The HERAX Ventures fund has dkk 10 mill. at its disposal), but also handling all the administrative overhead such as facility management (free office space), book keeping, IT, infrastructure etc.

With assistance from HERAX Ventures on development and commercialization, entrepreneurs can establish their companies faster and develop solutions to benefit patients and/or companies in the sectors we focus on.

All entrepreneurs are assigned a mentor helping them and acting as a contact for all the assistance they need.

Contact HERAX Ventures at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – Enclose a few pages or slides (in pdf) about your idea or start-up, and we will be back in 5 – 10 days. If we think we can help, you will be invited to a coffee meeting to present.

We are looking forward to helping you ….