Do you have a simple and up-to-date process landscape? 

With an expanding business and increasing digitalization the number and complexity of processes in each department grows. There is an opportunity to significantly improve and simplify the process landscape by taking a holistic view and optimize across departments. 

Working together with HERAX to analyze the ideal way to optimize your current process landscape you can ensure simplicity by implementing a consistent framework across departments, increase effectiveness and utilization of resources and identify and eliminate e.g

  • Legacy processes
  • Cumbersome workflows
  • Repetitive tasks and manual fragmented processes

An up-to-date process landscape leaves the company less vulnerable as expertise is preserved and knowledge is shared across departments.

HERAX has extensive experience from multiple projects and can support your organization in meeting the demanding workload and resource constraints with an up-to-date process landscape What we do: HERAX provides unbiased input and facilitates the process optimization across departments and silos without being affected by history and the “way we used to work”.

We are experienced workshop facilitators with expertise in the field bringing best practice to the process mapping and update.

John Aggerholm
Project Director & Partner

John is the founder of HERAX. He has worked for 7 years at a subsidiary of Novo Nordisk A/S, as VP for eClinical Process Consulting, specializing in clinical processes in R&D and execution of eClinical programs. Before Novo, he worked for 5 years as CIO in IBM Denmark, and prior to that in IT and Clinical Operations at Henri Beaufour Institute Inc. in the US.