How we work

We help our clients achieve lasting operational changes by providing extensive IT and pharma knowledge, experience and project methodology

At HERAX we believe in knowledge and delivering the best results for all projects. Through best practice cases and well tested methodology, we bring value and results for our clients in the Life Science industry.

Value and Insights


At HERAX, we have for the last 14 years worked as advisors and partners for the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries.
Our work is firmly anchored in life science business knowledge, technology standards (e.g. CDISC), a proven methodology, and experience from helping most major life science companies. Our biggest asset is our consultants. They possess a deep knowledge of the Life Science industry, as all consultants have professional experience within the Life Science industry and with IT implementations.

Agile Project Management


The Agile methodology has had a significant impact on software development and implementation in the Pharmaceutical industry whether it is Scrum, SAFe, Kanban, Lean or any of the many other frameworks. At HERAX we utilize the agile methodology in all types of projects as it is incorporated into our Pharma Business Architecture®. This ensures a flexible and fast implementation, while also ensuring that the team delivers continuous results during the project.

Agile in Pharma works, both in digital transformation and operational evolution. Planning and developing new solutions in a regulated environment have traditionally not been very flexible. It’s a testament to the power of the approach that it can succeed in such a heavily regulated and specialized industry.

The agile methodology is continuously updated based on the best practices being developed in new projects every day by the HERAX consultants.  



Pharma Business Architecture®

At HERAX we have created a unique Pharma Business Process Architecture® for all engagements. The pharma architecture consists of four layers or architecture. The organizational layer, the process layer, the application layer and the information layer.

The benefits of the Pharma Business Process Architecture® are IT projects implemented on time and budget, with the right level of quality and compliance.


The typical project activities are related to development of new organization diagrams, new role and job descriptions and communication and training plans. It is important that everyone impacted by the change the project brings, is aware of what that means in terms of people’s daily jobs.


The project activities are related to development of new processes. For example, new Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s).


The typical project activities are related to development of new or changed systems, solutions and technology setups, to support updated processes and roles.

Customer success story

Implementing EDC at a midsized pharma client.

Read how HERAX helped a client move from 100% paper CRFs to 100% EDC for new trials in just 10 months.

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Our team

Our biggest asset is our team members. Each of our consultants has extensive knowledge of the Life Science industry. Today HERAX have 40 consultants that are all subject matter experts in different areas within R&D, and combined they drive projects with dedication adding value and results to their client’s projects. HERAX consultants come from varied backgrounds and cultures and speak multiple languages. Our consultants are one of the biggest reasons our clients love working with us.