3 Industry Insights from real-world projects on implementation of a Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) framework.

1. Include the patients and the investigators in the discussion
– In a DCT Framework, it’s crucial to involve patients and investigators in pre-implementation discussions. Sponsors may underestimate patients’ tech-savviness and comfort levels with decentralized interventions. Involve site staff to assess their willingness to support patients with new technologies or processes.

2. Involve the study teams to encourage a shift in mind-set
– A shift in mindset is required when developing a study protocol to ensure the DCT framework is fully utilized. Engaging study teams in Therapeutic Area-specific brainstorming sessions for DCT capabilities fosters ownership and boosts employee engagement.

3. Implement a cross-functional DCT group
– A cross-study group tasked with supporting clinical trial teams with selecting and implementing DCT capabilities can ensure that learnings and expertise are effectively accumulated. While ensuring a standardized approach across studies, drawing on the experiences of such a group also eases the burden of study teams, ultimately leading to a higher adoption rate.

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