Pitfalls of Agile in Pharma Projects

Do you wish to use agile methodologies in your next project and are unsure whether it fits into a pharmaceutical setting? Are you concerned that agile as it was intended to be used might not be the best option for the type of projects you are working with? Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you cannot work agile!

Agile was created to help software and engineering companies, and the way they work differs greatly from pharmaceutical companies. The product they work on, and the size of their projects may be worlds away from what you work with in your projects.

If you just push agile methodologies onto your organization, it may backfire and even lead to reduced productivity. On the other hand, if you align agile ways of working with the specific nuances of your company, agile can be hugely beneficial.

HERAX has established and implemented various agile methodologies within our clients’ organizations. We have identified what works and what doesn’t within pharma projects. Our experience allows us to help our clients on their agile journeys, while still having the best interest of their organization at heart.

Are you considering introducing agile into your project and don’t know where to start? We would be happy to provide expertise and align agile with your goals and vision.