Organizational Change Management

Are you having issues ensuring that your Organizational Change Management (OCM) efforts sufficiently inform end-users of organizational changes in order to maximize adaptation for your IT implementation or optimization projects?

OCM is a crucial part of introducing processes or implementing a new system. Any significant change in an organization is likely to meet resistance and requires coordinated communication, including the overall strategy, the benefits, and the progress of a program or project.

HERAX provides a strong and value-based methodology for using OCM as an integral part of the project, which ensures that the OCM effort is focused throughout the entire project supporting your OCM process by:

  • Driving the change management effort by planning and executing OCM activities, tailored to the specific project
  • Executing on specific change management deliverables by utilizing our extensive process and system knowledge within the areas of Clinical Development-, Regulatory-, Quality- and Pharmacovigilance Operations

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on We would be pleased to visit you to discuss how we can help support Organizational Change Management within your process change and IT implementation projects.