patient recruitment

Do you want to bridge the gap between patients and clinical trials?

Patient recruitment and retention is one of the major challenges when pharmaceutical companies conduct clinical trials to get a pharmaceutical compound to the market.

Around 80% of clinical trials are delayed because they fail to meet their enrollment timelines, and this is mainly because it is difficult to recruit eligible patients as well as to ensure patient adherence and retention.

Digitalizing the patient recruitment process has the potential to improve the timelines by increasing clinical trial awareness and enhancing patient engagement.

HERAX can assist in developing and implementing a digital patient recruitment and engagement strategy for your clinical trials. We have experience with how to supplement traditional recruitment with social media activities and can help you set up the most efficient patient journey, including automatized workflows leading to benefits such as:

  • Improved engagement with patients and investigators
  • Analytics to track and analyze the patient flow throughout the entire recruitment process
  • Continuous optimization of the patient journey to improve patient experience and patient centricit

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