Vendor Selection & Negotiation

clinical it vendor selection

How do you select the right Clinical IT vendor?

When entering into the process of selecting a new Clinical IT vendor it is important to consider the following:

  • Do we have a process for selecting a new vendor including evaluation criteria?
  • How do we ensure that the vendors solution matches our needs and processes?
  • How do we approach the negotiation with the vendor?

At HERAX we have extensive experience with selecting the right vendor. We know the market and have experience with a vast majority of IT vendors used in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industry. Our clients benefit from our expertise in life science operational processes, information technology, and pharma architecture methodology. We bring valuable insights to enhance their operations.

By utilizing our vendor selection methodology for the activities Request for Information (RfI), Request for Proposal (RfP), Scoring of functionality and vendors, we ensure that you select the right fit to your organizations processes and needs.

HERAX can also assist you in the negotiation process after having selected the right vendor and help ensure that you get the best license model available.

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